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My review of the french horror movie "Martyrs" is available on Ain't it bale news.com. My best writing so far.

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They are available on my MySpace Page:

They follow in order in Rememberence:

Warpath, Otep, DethKloK, Kelsey Skaggs, Uni and her Ukele, Cristina Scabbia, zombie tunes, Mastodon, Brook and Britta, Black Light burns, Earthride, Megadeth, Muse, and-thats enough for now.

I'm very excited about The HBO pilot of Game of Thrones-I hope you all are as well>

Thank Ser Martin,

Nerding out!
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You ever have one of those weeks? ^_^

Now not only do i have to do federal student loan applications, update my galleries on comicspace, do financial aid counselling, finally write the real writing tutorial, save my county  libraries from imminent closure, maybe actually land a non-suck job, but here's the good one...

I have fucking Jury Duty!


So, It took all week just fix the fucking printer-which now works-whatever...

It's killing me to not finally start my storyboards, and post them to the group...

So, i'll mention...

The worst thing you can do as a first time graphic novelist, is to allow the real world to *completely* off track your daily schedule...

Even if youre real world life/work/family starts acting up, try and at least twenty minutes a day to doing, something, anything that contributes to your graphic novel.

Ideally, a daily commitment often 1 to 5 hours, or more, is ideal...but working without an advance, working around a real world job, you may have to dial it back...

Even if it's cruising around looking for fonts on the internet, or doing a sketch, or fleshing out a plot device!

Do something, Do anything!

Guys, this project I'm working on right now is the culmination of 2 years of research for me, and I'm so stressed out!

So though it's not being all that instructive, i also recommend that you use this journal maybe a part time vent space.

Without getting *too* personal, or turning it into a giant water cooler replete with hankies and tissue boxes...

I do think  that posting on an issue in your life that has personally side-tracked your personal production can make you feel better.

Also, I apologize in advance for the F-bombs, I don't normally do them when posting, particularly on Live Journal, but...

2 *years* I've been sitting around playing video games with my thumb up my ass, and now that i have a script, all this bullshit suddenly comes up! :-)

Fucking *Jury Duty*!

KK Doomspeak off-Language Filters back on!

This is a time right now that is so exciting for independent creators-this is the future, right now!

Guys, you picked the exact moment in time to make a graphic novel-so i wish you guys the best!

Peace all!

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I'm broke as a joke, but that's not why!

I had a crappy printer, an Inkjet HP 812C...
I smashed it to bits, because it keeps not printing...
I had just bought new cartridges!

My best  suggestion to you all-buy a Laser printer, they're now down to 300 bucks!
A Xerox machine works better, but  you should abuse your home computer's printer, frequently!!!
I got fed up with mine, but all you do is buy recyled printer cartridges and use them up!

I propose that they be a part of your production budget--Previewing your work offline in print makes you feel better!

On a persoal note, my crap-ass digital camera won't even upload photos all of a sudden!

And.. I'm gonna quit venting now!

Best wishes All,

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I am relatively new to the entire blogosphere, so when I saw Ms. Gartner link to this page, I thought I would check it out. I am working on my first graphic novel for print, which I am looking to self-publish via comixpress.com. The first novel is called "The Twilight Crusade", and is to be 96 pages long, the first of 3.

 I've been struggling off and on with comics production for over 20 years, and in the last couple, I have been researching digital production methods. Basically, the old ways I tried using simply never produced anything that I could see people paying for, so I'm gonna try mix it up this time around!

I have been writing tutorials about things I've discovered, and the easiest thing to look at my posts on comicspace as well as the fan arts sections of MMOarts.com. Oddly enough I've been blogging so much, that it's pervesely almost becoming counter-productive. Secondly, I'm trying soo many new techniques and ideas with my first graphic novel that I fear I may have already over-stepped and set my initial gols to *high*.

The good news is that my weekly output of words has been easily above 10,000 words a week, and i've never been this productive, ever!

So, I'm gonna troll a little bit, but I'm going to be looking at posting the steps as I firsty convert the script from it's current voice-dictated format into a story board...with the focus not being so much the script, which I'm pretty happy with, but more like the production techniques step by step.

Thanks all, good to see ya!
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